Sales Planning

Resetting Your Sales Planning Ideology

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Selling without a sales plan is like travelling without an itinerary. If you do not know where you want to go and what you want to do, you’ll end up wasting your time, money and resources. Every business thrives merely on its sales as the revenue generation revolves around the efficiency of its sales strategy. Business is like war. If its sales strategy is correct, you will be able to quickly identify prospects, opportunities and any upcoming problems.

Why is it important?

Sales is the lifeblood of every business. You need a sales strategy to clearly define what you need to achieve through sales, what market or customer base you want to go after, and what and how you are going to sell it. A clear sales plan helps you know how you are positioned to achieve the revenue targets you have identified, how will you sell more products and services, what additional support will your team need to achieve the desired increases, how will you acquire new customers, how will you expand existing relationships with customers, and where is the most logical place to look for growth.

Analyzing past years data:

Before we make your business plan for the coming year, we analyze how well you stayed on plan last year. We plan a month-to-month forecast of the level of sales you want to achieve and how will you achieve your goals taking into account the summary of last 3 years data to analyze how many customers you lost each year, how many new customers you gain each year and the particular months where you gain or lose more customers than usual.

Finding and meeting new clients:

Word-of-mouth, introductions and current clients are the most solid leads for business growth. We reach out to most royal clients and meet them to advance your business. We consistently make an effort to bring new in your business. By adding new valuable clients to your business, we help you reduce your risk of failure and grow your business in a sustainable way.

Incentive plan- current and new

Then we make an incentive program to drive the right sales behaviors in order to achieve sales objectives and gain great revenues. We assess the effectiveness of current incentive plan, evaluate business economic value drivers, determine payout strategy, and prepare a properly planned incentive plan is made to encourage your top performers and motivate mid and low performers to improve their sales achievement.

Setting targets

Before knowing how you’re going to get your annual sales, it is important that your sales plan have an end goal in terms of either number of sales or customers. It will help you whether what you have done has been a success or not. By looking at your current sales figures, seeing how things progressed in past year, reviewing the number of new customers who bought your service or product last year, how much money each customer brought in on average, we set your annual sales plan.

Planning Sales Strategy

After setting an annual sale target, we dig into planning sale strategy with clear guidelines everyone can follow, clear goals everyone can work forward, clear priorities everyone understands, and clear outcomes everyone can measure. A properly planned sales strategy will enable you to determine your revenue target and help you to quickly identify any upcoming problems, prospects, and opportunities. It will help you get a direction to reach your goals, in streamlining your sales efforts, giving you control over the sales cycle, aligning with your sales objectives, and in spotting and addressing risks.

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