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Ashfaq Calcuttawala | Mountain Monk- Business Consultant in Surat

Do you know somebody who has an experience of 24 years at the age of 36? Well, his entrepreneurial spirit kindled at the age of 12 and its still going strong. As someone who is a strong advocate of delegation, he believes that his team is his biggest asset. While setting the foundation of a one of a kind consulting company that focuses on all aspects of the business, he has been successful in setting up an all-star team whose core focus is on execution in the SME sector. While working for several multinational banks, he realized that there was a culture, a way of thinking and crucial processes and systems that were lacking in the Surat businesses but were key to growth of multinationals. He, thus, with this vision, set up Mountain Monk consulting to bring the same corporate culture to Surat and grow the local businesses exponentially.

Ashfaq Calcuttawala

Founder, Principal Consultant
Ashfaq Culcuttawala