Organizational Restructuring

Restructuring Your Organization To Achieve Goals Faster

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‘Nothing lasts forever’, for a firm to remain competitive, it must respond to changes that emerge from the company’s evolutionary development and proactive initiatives. To cope with ever-changing market conditions, a company often must undergo significant changes in their practices, operational tactics, and overall strategies. But leaders often get conflicted advice about when and how to do so. Imagine what would happen to that company? It may sustain itself for a few months, but the lack of planning or organizational intervention could lead to its demise. Organization restructuring, which includes strategies at all levels of the organization, is imperative to the success of the business.

What is organizational restructuring?

Organizational restructuring constitutes of all activities which are restructured and utilized to set priorities, resources, assets, focus energy, reinforce tasks and guarantee that company and employees are moving in the direction of a common company objective, set up agreement around expected results, evaluate and modify the organization’s path with respect to the changing environment. Organization restructuring helps you gain insight about job fit and how best to align talent with business needs for the profitable outcome.

Two words that sum up the advantage of organizational restructuring are: Survival and Success.

Analyzing the hierarchy in the company

The result of where your business is, where it needs to be, where you are going, is mapped out. We analyze the current systems and processes, and then use that to determine what things your organization needs to change. In order to optimize organizational performance, an inventory of the existing business units and the tasks performed by each employee is carefully carried out, and decide whether any of the business units need to be modified or dismantled.

Identifying the job roles of employees and categorizing them

We identify the job roles and skills of the employees and categorize them based on their skill sets. Generally, it is not clearly defined while categorizing employees. If your revenue is at or above target and you project it to continue or if your employees are experiencing increased stress levels, we help create jobs where required, to stimulate healthy economic growth of your organization, taking into account your budget. If there are employees having no more productive work in your organization, we set them to another place to reduce your overall costs. One of our clients, who is a trading firm, was facing an issue of accountability, and company’s owner was into a great dilemma of not getting his employees accountable for a particular set of duties. We evaluated their processes, identified job roles of employees and categorized them according to their skill sets. We restructured their organization with individual accountability in order to set things in line with operational tactics of firms. After a period of 3-4 months of strict adherence to our restructured format, owner found smooth delivery of work from employees.

Identify the elements of your organization that need to be strengthened

After knowing where you are, and where you want to go, we identify the elements of your organization that need to be strengthened and redesign your organization structure. Your organization is restructured using different levels of authority and a chain of command and communication between superior and subordinate levels of an organization. Poorly organized companies suffer from a wide range of problems, including a lack of proper division of work and responsibilities. One of the most reputed chemical and service firms in Surat was facing the same problems due to poor construction of organizational structure. We analyzed their organization structure and addressed an obstacle where the partners were not clear of their responsibilities and nor were the employees. There was no division of work and responsibilities. After identifying obstacles and issues, we implemented an agile organization framework and redesigned their structure with strong organization bonding. We followed KRA system along with accountability which directly links to employee’s performance evaluation. The framework was established in such a way that it fostered the business activity and both the partners then had a crystal clear view of their responsibilities, even the employees had clarity and understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

So what does all this amount to? Strategic success only occurs when an organization has a properly designed structure. A well-structured organization pays off quickly in the form of greater decisiveness, better-motivated employees and a stronger bottom line.

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