Work With Us

Assistant Consultant

Asst. consultant is supposed to perform the below mentioned tasks:

  • Collect data from primary as well as secondary sources
  • Getting a market/sector/industry overview
  • Getting knowledge and reports on best practices in the market/sector/industry
  • Collate data collected as per the company need
  • Analysis of the data collected
  • Forming a sample survey questionnaire
  • Going to the related party for the questionnaire
  • Analysis of the questionnaire with principle
  • Help forming the draft of the report to the consultant
  • He owns a work stream (work module) in the project
  • Structuring the analysis
  • Creating the client presentation documents
  • Making presentations for company and training modules
  • Managing upwards and the senior team members in the firm

Major Duties

Project Management
  • Project Planning
  • Project Implementation
  • Project Schedule
  • Daily updates on every project managed
  • Weekly meetings on last week work and next week’s plan
  • Weekly meetings on scope of improvement
  • Preparing a monthly knowledge based session
  • Back up of consultant
Sales Management
  • Making sales meetings (At least 5 per week)
  • Discussing scope of work with clients
  • Preparing client agreements
  • Bill raising of managed clients
  • Payment collections from managed clients

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